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Counters & Cladding

Fabricating slab surfaces is our forté. As countertop or cladding we refine material from large format porcelain to sintered stone, natural and quartz varieties into cladding for walls, wet spaces, outdoor living areas and more. Whether simply polished—OR miter-laminated-to-achieve-a waterfall-look; we rely on a combination of exclusive suppliers and proprietary processes to cut the fat out of your project.



We know how difficult it can be to find quality cabinets at affordable prices. Unsatisfied with the instability and unsustainability of the choices on the market for our clients, we innovated to offer our own Audryn® line of cabinets. Our flat-pack transported, all-ply constructed, dovetailed, soft-close-everything-cabinets are only available in multi-unit and full-phase buildout orders.



Many countertops aren't complete without a sink, and when you invest in our beautiful tops not just any sink will measure up. That's why we've carefully selected the best brand options when it comes to sinks. Through distribution partnerships with Kohler for cast iron, Blanco for composite stone, and Omicron for stainless steel, we offer a balanced portfolio of options specifically designed to achieve a premium look and save cost.


Industry Innovation

Our mantra at Rock Creek is "Rock Forever" and to us it means we're never quite finished searching for better ways to do what we do. So when we see a challenge, we innovate. A challenge many fabricators face is safety in the workplace. Accidents caused by slab tipping has plagued the industry, harming employees and customers alike. It's why we invented the Safe Rack® allowing a safer way to slab tip and sift.

What makes a pro?

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While we are 100% open to all, the truth is that what we offer isn't for everyone. We've streamlined our business to serve a specialized clientele; one that has been to the rodeo before. And because they have, together we can skip the project hangups and discount the contingency costs that project rookies pay elsewhere. This makes Rock Creek a "whole-tailer" — wholesale-retailer — that runs cost-plus from manufacturer to end consumer.

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